Capital and Quasi-Capital Instruments


Wholly owned by ICO, AXIS is a venture capital manager providing enterprises with capital and quasi-capital instruments to finance their growth. 

AXIS Funds

Find out how they work and their objectives

  • Fond-ICO Next Tech

    Fond-ICO Next Tech

    Fond-ICO Next Tech was created with the aim of promoting the development of innovative, high-impact digital projects and investment in growth companies (scale-ups).

  • Fond-ICO Next Tech

    Fond-ICO Global

    The aim is to promote the creation of venture capital funds managed by private managers covering the investment in Spanish companies within all their development stages

  • Fond-ICO Next Tech

    Fond-ICO Pyme

    The aim is to provide backing for enterprises' expansion plans, in the form of finance and a long-term business vision

  • Fond-ICO Next Tech

    Fond-ICO Infraestructuras ESG

    The aim is to participate in projects involving transport infrastructure, energy, social aspects and services