Fond-ICO Global

Endowed with 4,500 million euros

Fond-ICO Global is the first public venture capital/private equity "fund of funds" created in Spain, currently endowed with 4.5 billion euros, with the objective of developing and consolidating the ecosystem of privately managed venture capital funds that invest in Spanish companies at all stages of development, from the early stages to expansion, growth and debt.

Registered with the CNMV in May 2013, it was created in response to one of the main demands of the venture capital industry in Spain, which called for greater public sector involvement at a time when investment in Spain and attracting capital was difficult, and therefore in order to be an instrument for attracting foreign capital and leveraging private capital.

Currently, with more than 70 funds in its portfolio, it is a key player in the sector, facilitating the financing of Spanish SMEs at all stages of equity investment: incubators, venture capital, expansion capital, buyout, restructuring, etc.

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