Second-Floor Facilities

ICO Facilities offer enterprises and the self-employed financing schemes to enable them to undertake their investment projects and meet their liquidity needs.

The loans provided under ICO's second-floor facilities feature long repayment terms, preferential interest rates and simple paperwork and may be obtained through leading banks and savings banks established in Spain. Loans are granted through private credit institutions, who assume the credit risk associated with each operation. Conditions of loans are established by ICO in transparent terms.

ICO's facilities  are focused on two main areas of activity: SMEs and Entrepreneurs, and Internationalisation. These two major facilities will allow investment projects to be funded as well as the liquidity needs of businesses and the self-employed, both domestically and abroad:

  • ICO SMEs and Entrepreneurs Facility. This facility is designed to provide financing to Spanish self-employed people and companies to make investments in Spain and meet their liquidity needs.The developments for this facility including improved financing conditions for liquidity and the differentiation of interest rates depending on the repayment periods of transactions. The maximum amount of funding is 12.5 million euros per client, granted via loans or leasing and with repayment terms of up to 20 years.
  • ICO International Facility. This facility seeks to provide financing to Spanish companies and self-employed people to undertake investment abroad and to cover the liquidity needs that these investments require. At present ICO strongly supports internationalisation and exporting as drivers of growth in the Spanish economy in the current situation. This facility also provides financing for granting supplier and purchaser credit and supplementary financing.
  • ICO Mutual Guarantee Company Facility.  ICO remains committed to the role of the Mutual Guarantee Companies as a basic financial instrument to provide the necessary guarantees for funding companies. The risk covered by these companies is valid for both investment transactions and liquidity requests by SMEs and self-employed.
  • ICO Exporters . Financing for independent contractors and companies registered in Spain that would like to obtain liquidity by receiving advance payment for invoices from export activities.