ICO-Green Bonds

ICO's main role is to promote economic activities that contribute to the growth and development of the country while improving the distribution of wealth, especially in sectors identified as a priority due to their social, cultural, innovative or environmental significance.

In its commitment to Sustainability as the backbone of its entire activity, ICO launches its Green Bond Framework to finance projects that contribute to protecting the environment and the fight against climate change.

The  framework includes different project categories to which the funds can be directed: renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transport, prevention and control of pollution, sustainable management of natural resources and land use, and sustainable water management. 
The framework  allows eligible projects to be measured in terms of impact and  contribution to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), all under the "Green Bond Principles"  of ICMA (International Capital Markets Association), and has been verified by Sustainalytics (one of the leading companies in analysing the corporate social responsibility and a second-party opinion provider).

Relevant documents

ICO Green Bond Framework. Download PDF file

Sustainalytics second opinion. Download PDF file

Reporting Green Bond April 2020. Download PDF file

Annual Review Sustainalytics. Download PDF file
Methodology for measuring impacts associated with the ICO Green Bond Framework. Download PDF file