The State Financial Agency

As the Financial Agency of the Spanish State, ICO manages the official financing instruments for export and development.

Corporate Internationalisation Fund (FIEM)

To back and foster the internationalisation of the Spanish economy solely on a complementary basis and in no case sustituting private market activity.


Development Promotion Fund (FONPRODE)

This fund will channel part ot the development aid activities performed by the Ministry of Foreing Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, including those carried out jointly with development banks and funds, and also compulsory contributions to international financial institutions, the responsibility of the Ministry of Economy and Business.


Reciprocal Interest Adjustment Contract (CARI)

Official financial banking for Spanish exports.


Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund (FCAS)

This fund aims to provide non-reimbursable aid and, as applicable, loans, for the purpose of financing projects in the areas of water and sanitation.