Through the fund known as Fond-ICOpyme, FCR, ICO's venture capital investee company, AXIS, offers enterprises capital and quasi-capital instruments with which to finance their growth needs.



Preferential attention for enterprises which have passed the start-up stage and wish to make capital investments to enable them to grow.

Accompanied by a specialist partner, start-ups whose products, processes or services have a technological or innovative content.

Customers must have a business address in Spain.

Eligible investments

The funds invested must be used for the following purposes:

  • The acquisition of productive fixed assets, new or second-hand.
  • VAT on investments.
  • The purchase of enterprises.
  • Investments in R&D&I.

The following will not be eligible: liability restructuring processes and, in general, working capital requirements.

Sectors of interest

Generalist with focus on companies with innovative content.

Types of product

Holdings in capital:

  • Term: adapted to the project's maturity period; roughly five years.

Participating loans:

  • Term: adapted to the project's maturity. It may be as long as seven years, with up to 2 year waiting period for the repayment of principal instalments.
  • Interest: fixed and variable tranches, the latter in accordance with the enterprise's profitability.

AXIS's holding

From € 750,000 up to €15,000,000.

Type of holding

Minority holdings, preferably accompanied with another professional investor, avoiding a role of key partner.

Documentation and guarantees required

Technical, economic, financial and legal information about the enterprise and its partners, plus any other as required by AXIS. No standardised documentation is required.

Administrative procedures

Contact AXIS:

AXIS Participaciones Empresariales SGECR, S.A.

C/ Los Madrazo, 38 2ª

28014 MADRID

Tel: 91 523 16 54 / 37

Fax: 91 532 19 33