ICO Group promotes sustainability as one of the bases of its corporate strategy, implementing sustainability criteria in all its areas of activity.
Sustainability, the core of  ICO's strategic reorientation, constitutes a multidimensional challenge, summarised through the Sustainable Development Goals, the Agenda for Change and the European Green Deal.

Sustainability Policy

With this sustainability policy, ICO demonstrates its commitment to Sustainability and responsible management and establishes a framework for action through which it can develop all of its activity. More

Environmental Policy

With this environmental policy, ICO commits to take on a constant effort in order to guarantee and move towards an efficient management for the purpose of the preservation and respect for the environment.


Sustainable financing

As a public promotion bank, ICO pays particular attention to renewable energy projects, sustainable infrastructures that include social networks and facilities, transport, logistics and ICT.  More

ICO's sustainable bonds

ICO plays an important role in the development of the sustainable bond market nationally and at the European level. More

Cooperation in national and international sustainable initiatives

ICO acts as a driver of sustainable initiatives both nationally and internationally. In addition, it has signed numerous collaboration agreements with other institutions regarding sustainability. More

Sustainability and Risk Capital through Axis

Sustainability criteria have been implemented in the entire ICO Group, including Axis,  ICO's Venture Capital Manager. More

Sustainability as an Internal Governance principle

Sustainability acts as an internal governance principle in the Instituto de Crédito Oficial. More